Artists To Watch in 2014

February 18, 2014

We all saw Miley Cyrus make a crazy comeback with Bangerz and Justin Timberlake rock worlds with The 20/20 Experience, but a lot of new artists came out of 2013 that may be even more exciting. Here are a few you should add to...

Sporking Strikes St. Clair

Julia Pfatteicher, Features and News Editor

January 20, 2014

Many people have been asking me lately why I have a spork in my hair. In case you haven’t heard, it’s the latest trend. Ok, maybe not. But it has become a great way to win money, not to mention a fun way to interact with yo...

Disney Buys Out Lucasfilm

January 22, 2013

October 30, 2012, marked an important milestone in the entertainment industry as entertainment juggernaut Disney acquired Lucasfilm from founder George Lucas for a whopping sum of $4 billion dollars.  As part of the deal, Luca...

Harrison Ford May Not Be Done with Star Wars

January 22, 2013

Ever since the announcement of a new trilogy for the Star Wars series, there have been various speculations regarding who will portray the new characters in these movies.  One rumor is slowly becoming a reality as actor Harrison...

The Ant Man Crawling to the Big Screen

January 22, 2013

Marvel’s least-known superhero is also the smallest.  Dr. Hank Pym, or the Ant Man, used his discoveries on substance particles to create a size-altering formula for humans.  He first tested himself and failed; he ended up...

“Anything Goes” with the Annual Spring Musical

Sydney Turnwald, Staff Writer

January 22, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Music in  the halls, people dancing from class to class, scripts being passed from one hand to another, and strange objects on the stage. Musical season is upon us once again as the high school ...

Just how on key is Pitch Perfect

Cooper Irons, Staff Writer

November 5, 2012

It's easy to say that the Barden Bellas have arrived to the party a little late. Pitch Perfect is an a capella-filled satirical musical romp that could easily pass as Glee's cooler collegiate cousin. In the respect that the ...

Frankenweenie is frightfully fun

Cooper Irons, Staff Writer

November 5, 2012

Well, now we know what taxidermy looks like through Tim Burton's eyes... The quirky director's latest, Frankenweenie, is what happens when Burton gives an Edward Scissorhands-reminiscient suburb the, naturally, spooky stop-motio...

A song for every situation

Julia Pfatteicher, Staff Writer

November 5, 2012

Still looking for that perfect song for running on the treadmill, walking to the bus stop, or jamming out in your car? Well, here are some songs for every occasion. For Walking to the Bus Stop: “Love, Love, Love” by...

Chicago Fire lights up the fall television season

Nick DeMarco, Entertainment Editor

November 5, 2012

NBC has announced a wealth of new shows for its fall lineup this year.  Chicago Fire is TV’s newest drama from producer Dick Wolf, most known for his work on the Law and Order series (NBC).  The show captures the dram...

Arthur’s Halloween: the Musical

Sydney Turnwald, Staff Writer

October 19, 2012

October has just begun and what’s more characteristic of this month than Halloween? Who doesn’t love the candy, costumes, decorations, and parties that come with October? One fun thing to consider doing this October wou...

Is The Vow a memorable romance?

Cooper Irons, Staff Writer

February 27, 2012

There is a point where we begin to experience fatigue over a film using the whole "based/inspired on true events" tag for marketing. We have reached such a point, and do we care anymore? I don't want to say it's that we no longer...