League of Legends leads the league

Dennis Fischer, Staff Writer

Depiction of the least-played map, Crystal Star
Depiction of the least-played map, Crystal Star

League of Legends, a multi-player online battle arena game, is currently one of the most popular free games on the internet, home to an astounding 27 million players per day.

The game is separated into ten servers, including Korea, North America, and Europe West. League of Legends has a professional league where all teams of the districts battle to get into the LCS, the major league of the game. After one year, all top teams come together for the League of Legends World Championship, where they compete for the grand prize, $1 million U.S. dollars!

League consists of fighting the enemy team and destroying their base. First, one must choose which Champion he or she will play. Every champion has his/her own abilities and a kit which makes him/her unique in one of the six roles.

Roles include Assassin, who is a champion who jumps in the fight and brings the enemies down quickly; Fighter, who builds Attack Damage and is mostly a melee fighter relying on battling for long periods of time; Mage, who deals Magic Damage and is often based around quickly bursting enemy Champions; Support, who is there to support the Marksman, not to deal damage, but to keep the team together both during fights and while they are recovering; Tank, who is a Champion who builds health, armor, or magic resistance items so that the enemies’ Mage, Fighter, and Marksman do less damage; and Marksman, also called ADC (Attack Damage Carry), who is a relatively low health Champion who has high damage potential.

Players can choose from four different maps, including Summoners Rift, the most played map, the Twisted Treeline, the Howling Abyss, and Crystal Scar, which is rarely played.

To play for free, visit the Official League of Legends website: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en.