USC art students debut work in IB Art Show

Abby Elias, Staff Writer

Upper St. Clair High School students have never been known to shy away from a challenge, whether it be the future engineers of the STEM program or the ever-determined athletes on the fields. From March 12 – 27, however, the artists of Upper St Clair have had their time to shine in the IB Art Show in room 148 at the high school.

The IB Art Show features artwork created by students of the IB Art program, for which, as art teacher Ms. Smigel explains, “You have 60% studio artwork and 40% research work, which is sketches, planning, art history, and reflection.” The program differs from standard art classes, as it requires students to research and expand their creative energy to new and interesting lengths.

When asked about the different curricula of the IB art program, Ms. Smigel responded, “The IB art program is a curriculum that has a standard level, which is one year, or higher level, which is two years for juniors and seniors.”

Besides an interesting and unique challenge to their artistic abilities, there are many other perks students receive when participating in the IB art program, such as opportunities for students to have their art showcased to their friends and neighbors. Ms. Smigel commented on some of these opportunities: “Part of the program is also the students have an exhibit, which is what is going on in room 148.”

While the show is running, students will have the opportunity to see their friends’ and classmates’ artwork during the school day. This is considered the high point for some of the art students, as it is the time that all of their hard work and determination pays off.

Featured artists whose art is currently being displayed in room 148 include seniors Rosa Alessi, Becca Kaufelt, Vanessa Moses, Nan Tian Qiu, Alexis Scott, Narayan Thompson, and Sarah Violi.

The art show is open to any and all students during their free mods until March 27. For more information please see Ms.Smigel or follow @USCHSArtDepot on Twitter.