Net Neutrality is a Big Deal

Ethan Bowman, Staff Writer

November 28, 2017

Net Neutrality is a battle to protect Title II of the Telecommunications act. That sentence just might be the most boring one you read all day, its why so few people know what net neutrality really does. Net neutrality is arguably...

Why the Media is the Problem

John Benhart, Editor in Chief

May 27, 2014

We live in an age of mass media.  From the New York Times App, the Post-Gazette paper, the nightly CBS News, or Bill O’Reilly’s show, we get our information right as the crime is discovered or the Exchange drops a couple of...

Raising the Minimum Wage would be a Mistake

James Miller, Opinions Editor

May 5, 2014

President Obama has described the 2008 downturn as “The worst recession since the Great Depression," yet in pursuing a higher minimum wage, President Obama threatens to impair the recovery of an already weak economy, and, more...

Ukraine will not remain in Russia’s sphere of influence

James Miller, Opinions Editor

February 18, 2014

Over the last several months a dramatic change in Ukrainian foreign policy has shocked the world. A country on the brink of westernization and modernization took a step away from Europe and announced that it was signing a trade...

China Needs to be the Focus of America’s Foreign Policy

James Miller, Opinions Editor

June 3, 2013

Over the last several decades China has gone from extreme poverty and near global irrelevance to being on the forefront of international attention for its stunning growth. China has risen. Between 1978 and 2013 the Chinese economy...

Why the United States should recognize a Palestinian state

James Miller, Staff Writer

May 20, 2013

Since 1947 the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict has created turbulence and numerous violent conflicts across the Middle East. As a result of these conflicts, thousands have died and people across multiple countries today live in fear...

what man can be

Yasaswi, Duvvuru

April 26, 2013

Relevant elegance rendered null and void Bitter and sycophantic fluctuates like a sinusoid Attempt at anabolism serves to enervate Among the shameless the duplicity resonates Machiavellian man makes anything justified Upon...

The Challenge in the Middle East

Hunter Lantzman, Staff Writer

February 22, 2013

With President Obama recently being inaugurated for a second term, he’ll face more than enough foreign policy challenges in the upcoming years, particularly in the Middle East. President Obama must fight to establish democra...

Bullying and how to fix it

Trudel Pare, Opinions Editor

April 11, 2012

With the recent shooting in Ohio and Upper St. Clair High School’s own bomb threat, it’s important to begin to look at the causes behind these problems in schools today. Our public school systems have become toxic environments...

The US could take a hint from Israel on this one

Trudel Pare, Opinions Editor

March 30, 2012

Fashion models have become too thin. Starting with models like Twiggy in the 1960s, the ideals of beauty for women have been getting thinner and thinner throughout the twentieth century. In Israel recently, a law was passed to...