About the St. Clairion

Our Mission: The St. Clairion staff is made up of students who are committed to producing a newspaper for their fellow students that provides entertainment, self-expression, and relevant information in a fair, honest, thorough, and respectful manner.

The St. Clairion is a forum for student expression.  Opinions expressed in by-lined articles are those of the authors, not necessarily the entire St. Clairion staff.

Advertising: The newspaper is financed by the sale of advertising space to local, national, and international businesses.  Advertising rates will be sent to any business upon request.  The St. Clairion reserves the right to refuse any advertisements that are inappropriate and/or not in keeping with Upper St. Clair School District policies.

Letters to the Editor: Letters to the editor are encouraged.  All letters should be signed and submitted to The St. Clairion mailbox in the main office of Upper St. Clair High School.  Letters may be edited for clarity and length.  Obscene, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate letters will not be published.

Guest Writers: Upper St. Clair students and staff are welcome to submit articles for publication on The St. Clairion website.  All guest writer submissions may be edited by The St. Clairion staff for style, clarity, and length.  The St. Clairion reserves the right to refuse publication of any story submitted by a guest writer.

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About the St. Clairion