USC Student Receives Full Ride

If a college offered you a full ride worth $160,000, how would you react?  Would you cry for joy, start jumping up and down, or even run around the room in circles screaming?  Connor McCormick, a USCHS senior, had this experience on Thursday,... READ MORE »»

The New Exchange at the High School

[Show picture list] Slideshows require the Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support. jQuery(function($){ var so3594_1 = { params : { wmode : "opaque", allowfullscreen... READ MORE »»

Rival USC Publications go Head to Head in the Infamous Scrabble Tourney

When most people hear the word “scrabble,” they automatically turn and run as if a lion roaring Qs, Xs, and (the most awful) Es is chasing them at lightning speed, scoring double and triple word scores left and right.  Others meet the lion... READ MORE »»

The Ant Man Crawling to the Big Screen

Marvel’s least-known superhero is also the smallest.  Dr. Hank Pym, or the Ant Man, used his discoveries on substance particles to create a size-altering formula for humans.  He first tested himself and failed; he ended up being shrunk down... READ MORE »»

“Anything Goes” with the Annual Spring Musical

It’s that time of year again. Music in  the halls, people dancing from class to class, scripts being passed from one hand to another, and strange objects on the stage. Musical season is upon us once again as the high school begins its largest... READ MORE »»