Crew team pulls together to raise money

Abby Zadrozny, Staff Writer

The Upper St. Clair crew team has been very creative with their fundraisers lately. Each fall and spring season the rowers sell frozen pies to raise the money required to run the crew team. These funds help pay coaches and pay for boathouse space. Not many schools have crew teams because they are expensive to run. The Upper St. Clair crew team tries to cut the cost with pie sales.

Last week the team hosted a fundraiser at Chipotle. Crew team fundraising chairperson Ellen Halloran explained how the chipotle fundraisers work, “They give us profits from 4 to 8 for anyone who mentions the crew team.”

Many teams from the high school have hosted fundraisers at chipotle this year, which helps both the teams and the store.

According to Mrs. Halloran, the crew team in particular has raised the most so far of any fundraiser at that store, making $1,500. That money will really help the team with boat and oar repairs, as well as the possibility of saving for a new boat.

The crew team has also in the past sold lollipops and scarves. These fundraisers were not as successful, but it shows how creative the team is willing to be. Currently, the first Saturday of every month at Brueggers Bagels in the South Hills is USC Crew day. From 6-11am the Upper St Clair crew team receives 15% of the proceeds.

Mrs Halloran has been very busy trying to think of new ways to raise money. She said, “We’re going to do something with Community Day to raise awareness about the rowing team, as well as possibly trying to get a corporate sponsor for trying to get a new boat”

Half of the battle of fundraising for the crew team is making the community aware USC has a rowing team. This also helps in recruiting new members for the team. Having a large presence in the community through recent fundraisers has been opening the door for many people into the world of rowing.

Upper St. Clair crew has slowly become a more well-known crew team by sending two boats in the last four years to nationals. Meanwhile, the team continues to raise the funds it needs to compete.