Freshman Take to the Field!


Maya Kashak, Staff Writer

Going from being an 8th grader in middle school to a new freshman in high school is a huge change and can be difficult for some kids. However, the staff and students make the transition as comfortable and welcoming as possible. One of these ways is having a junior mentor program for all freshmen.


The program is made up of some of the most friendly and kind-hearted people that make up the junior class. These kids are used to supporting the freshman with anything they may need for the start of their next four years. With the program comes one of the most fun and exciting days of the year for freshmen and juniors alike, field day. This day is used as a bonding experience for the freshman and their homeroom along with their mentors that guide them through the process.


This year’s field was different from the rest, with it also being the junior’s first field day as well. Unfortunately for the class of 2024 with covid-19 still a huge threat their freshman year there was no way to have a field day with them. Fortunately for the class of 2026, this meant their mentors were excited as ever to participate. 


“It was such a fun day, I feel closer than ever to the kids in my homeroom,” says Sofia Montoya, one of the mentors for the winning homeroom. She explains how after field day, “The class really came together as a whole.” Field day is a bonding experience for everyone involved in the day, it creates a fun atmosphere for the junior mentors to connect with their kids. For the Valentine homeroom winning field day built a relationship with each other that will last throughout the year.


Not only do the junior mentors and their homeroom get a kick out of field day but so do the teachers who run the program year after year. “Field day is a huge part of the program and the kids look forward to it every year,” says Mrs. Haas. “This year really showed how important field day is to the kids and how the mentors use this experience to really connect with the freshmen,” she explains. Mrs. Haas has been a part of the program for 8 years and is one of the many reasons why the program is so successful. 


“Field day was really fun, my favorite part was probably tug of war,” says freshman Marissa Klein. Field day is not only to create relationships between the freshman and their mentors but it’s also just a fun day to participate in games that you wouldn’t normally do. It gives the students a chance to take a break from classes and have a fun day to get involved with each other and create some fun memories. Freshman field day is a fun event for everyone involved and without it, the mentor program would not be the same.