Big Time Success of the Fall Play


Caroline Murphy, Staff Writer

Edgy, well done, and genuinely funny are three descriptors that I never thought could exist simultaneously in a high school play. However, while viewing “All In The Timing”, the small and talented cast of the show proved me wrong.


The six one-act comedies explored the hilarious depths of love, language, and human existence. While the award-winning writing of playwright David Ives enhanced that play, the talent and hard work of USC students was what truly elevated the show. To get a closer look at triumphs and tumults of the “All in the Timing” performers, I talked to two shining members of the 13-person cast: Emily Whiteford and Aarav Patil.


When asked about tools that they used to bring the show together, the actors had a common answer: confidence. In fact, Arrav delivered a message to any aspiring USC actors that centered around this virtue. They said to “have confidence in yourself; if you don’t think that you can do it and you doubt yourself, it’s going to show.”


Related to this theme of confidence, we discussed the stigma involved in theater, one that both performers were familiar with. In response to my question about the impact of the “theater kid” stereotypes on the fall play, Arrav replied that “everyone who does the fall play knows what comes with it.” Just participating in this exciting and fulfilling activity labels students as “theater kids”, who are known for being awkward and unfunny. Despite this difficulty, both Arrav and Emily have a great love for the whole Upper St. Clair theater experience. Emily tells me, “It was something I could do and feel proud of.” 


Beyond the enjoyment of putting on a wonderful show, the actors feel that the fall play has let them grow in ways ranging from better cooperation with others to more security in their own skin. But none of this would’ve been possible without the hard work of the director, Mr. Hunsberger, and the entire team of staff and students behind the scenes. If this year was any indication, there will be some high expectations for the 2022 fall play.