Youth Steering Committee Presents a Parent Program


Himani Karia, Staff Writer

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 and 2021 have not been easy for many people. With many students being all-virtual this year, it is important that students don’t feel alone during these isolating times and talk to others about how they’re feeling. More people have been feeling lonely during the pandemic than ever before. In a national survey conducted by the Making Caring Common Project, 61% of young people aged 18-25, 51% of mothers with young children, and 43% of young adults all reported feelings of loneliness. According to a recent CDC survey, 63% were experiencing high symptoms of anxiety and depression during these troubling times. During the pandemic, it is crucial that all students feel comfortable talking with their parents about how they’re feeling. It is also important that adults know the best way to effectively communicate with their children and encourage their children to talk about their feelings.

The Youth Steering Committee of Upper St. Clair has done just that with their free virtual program for parents – Parenting for Humans: Navigating Emotionally Tense Conversations with your Child. The program began on April 14th and meetings were being held on the second Wednesday of each month from September to June. The program was available and open to all parents in the community. The meetings were very interactive: parents chose some of the topics that they would discuss in the meetings, there were Q&A’s, and there was feedback and suggestions from the parents regarding the program. When parents signed up for the program, there was also an option to receive future programming information from the Youth Steering Committee. Parents discussed topics like how to have better relationships, communication, and cooperation with not just their kids, but with everyone. Parents also received study materials and websites that they could refer to after the meetings were over. 

The presenter of the program, Dr. Eran Magen, has an M.A. in education and P.h.D in psychology from Stanford University, and he is the founder of Parenting for Humans. He worked as a consultant for some of the largest school districts in the country and he was highly recommended by the Pennsylvania Principals Association. Parenting for Humans also advises parents how to be their child’s favorite conversation partner and how to give advice that their child (might) listen to. Magen is also passionate about mental health and is the founder and CEO of a wellness suicide prevention service called Early Alert. The goal of Parenting for Humans is to build trust and goodwill with one’s child, inspire cooperation without conflict, support your upset child, identify emotional crises, and self-care for parents.The program teaches parents tips and tricks to remember the best way to navigate these difficult conversations with their children. 

The parent of a freshman and junior said, “I think that these programs are very advantageous to those in the community. With the pandemic and everything, we should always be well-prepared and well-equipped for the most difficult conversations without going through them with an indeterminate way of dealing with them.” 

The parent of a sophomore said, “I think that as parents we all have very busy lives, and sometimes it can be easy to forget the importance of conversing with your children about those difficulties. Mental health is a top priority and it’s important to create a positive atmosphere for your children to talk about their mental health. It’s best to make your child feel comfortable and not rebuked for opening up.” 

Parenting for Humans also provides a Parenting Foundations Class, which discusses how to navigate these conversations with further information and details. This class is open to parents and students alike, and the enrollment is limited to nine participants. For more information visit the Parenting for Humans website or

*The Youth Steering Committee is an Upper St. Clair community action group, appointed by the Township Board of Commissioners and the Board of School Directors. This committee is made up of adult residents, student representatives, and liaisons. The aim of the Youth Steering Committee is to provide a positive direction for the residents and youth of the Upper St. Clair community.*