Volleyball Makes Playoffs!

Kara DiPasquale, Staff Writer

On October 28, the Upper St. Clair girls volleyball team played their final game of the season. The team is in Quad A, and advanced to the first round of playoffs against Pine Richland. The girls have a great team dynamic and it is sad to see the season close, but this year was very successful for them. 

Sydney Angel, a junior on the team says, “Making it to the playoffs with Pine Richland was a good experience. The outcome of the game was not what we all had wanted, but leading up to the game was really motivating and a good bonding experience for us.” She explains how the team grew closer when they got to playoffs, and how getting this far in the season was so rewarding. 

Another junior player, Jackie Bell explains how a lot of valuable seniors on the team will be gone next year when she states, “The senior players were really good at hyping us up before games and at practices. They not only were great players but they made the season really fun.They created a really good team dynamic that I hope carries into next year. I was close with all of them, it is really sad to not play with them anymore”. The underclassmen on the team seem to look up to the seniors as role models, they created the bond the team needed to get as far in the season that they did. 

From a seniors perspective, Alyssa Saghy says, “This team was so special. The seniors and juniors became really close and that really helped us when playing. I am sad to be graduating, and the team is losing a lot of talent without the seniors this year, but some really good sophomore and junior players will carry the team next year. Our coaches and captains always acted as very good leaders, and the whole team had a really tight bond”. The graduating seniors played a big part in this year’s season, but the upcoming juniors and seniors will keep up the hard work and leadership next year. 

In 2021, the girls volleyball team hopes to advance to playoffs again, and keep going to the championship. With the hard work, motivation, and determination they had throughout the year, they will put in even more work for next year. They have a great team bond and lots of talented players. It’s sad to see the girls volleyball season come to an end, but good to see the potential for next year and the results of this season.