Field Hockey Season Opens

Kara DiPasquale, Staff Writer

Monday, September 14th, Upper St. Clair’s field hockey team kicked off their season with a game vs. Woodland Hills. The team defeated their opposers by the score of 10-0. In past seasons, the team has not advanced to the WPIAL Class 3A finals, but this year, the girls’ chances of advancing to the finals are increasing with every game. The PIAA biennial realignment has put the girls odds in favor, this is because their division has moved to Class 2A. After over a decade of not qualifying for finals, the girls’ have hope of having an increasingly better season for them this year. 

“This season we have confidence. Since we’re in a new conference we’re going into our games with a better, more determined mindset; which the lack of in years past, has proven to be detrimental to our season” Kathleen Gianni, junior and third year player on the team said. In previous seasons we have seen the team go into games with little hope that they will win. This fresh mindset can be what turns the team in a new direction this year. 


Jessica Christensen, a junior and third year member of the team, also claims that this year the team is more successful for a few different reasons. She said, “So this season feels extremely different than last season. I think this is because we have new assistant coaches who both played in college and know different drills and game techniques. We have been focusing a lot on stick skills and passing drills that will help us in game situations. And it’s funny because the entire team feels so much more confident in their skills and playing in a game”. 


When asked about this season, a junior on the team, Sarah Christensen, did not mention any new confidence or skills, she mainly talked about how the team this year is bonding. Sarah responded “One thing that I like about field hockey is the team dynamic. Unlike some other sports, varsity and junior varsity do events together.  Some examples are car washes, pasta dinners, and yoga. We all cheer each other on during practices and games to make sure everyone knows they can accomplish whatever the goal is. Most girls are playing with their close friends, but everyone gets along really well! I would definitely defend any girl on the team and I know that they would do the same for me”. 

It’s good to see how the team is coming together, and everyone is looking forward to seeing how far the girls will qualify to the finals!