Passport to Travel

Melanie Skoupil, Staff Writer

Upper St Clair is well known for their variety of language classes throughout the school. However, Upper St. Clair has language programs offer exchange trips yearly for students. Just this past summer, there was the German trip, where 25 students endured a twelve hour flight for a two week stay with host families.


Senior Cara Chiocca explained the cultural differences she experienced. “Classes would last up to ninety minutes and the school day would end between 1-4 PM depending on the schedule. I also thought the food was a lot more bland, as the food was mostly creamy with a bunch of different spices.” Speaking of food, there was also a different lifestyle in the food shopping experience.


Kaitlyn Kanas, a senior explained, “In Germany, I shopped using reusable bags and took my time at restaurants and cafes. The concept “to-go” is very unordinary in Europe and you won’t find many original places like this unless you count fast food.”


The trip took the twenty five students throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic, all having a big impact on them. The chance to travel to these countries allowed students to look at different cultures, and to experience life outside of the “Upper St. Clair bubble”.


Mrs. Kopaz was the teacher behind the German trip, and is also planning the upcoming Spanish exchange trip. “The Spanish students will be coming from October 1st through 20th, and will be staying with local families. Our students will be going to Madrid for two weeks in June and staying with the students families who are coming next month,” Mrs. Kopaz explains.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for students, as they will be speaking little to no english and get a chance to use what they learn in world language classes, continued Mrs. Kopaz. One example is Kanas on the Germany trip, as she tells me she calls her host family sisters due to the bond created through the intermixing of languages that creates a friendship that lasts a lifetime.


If this strikes interest to you, be sure to ask your world language teacher more information!