St. Clair Catches the Spirit

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St. Clair Catches the Spirit

Ethan Horgan, Staff Writer

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“Spirit week gives kids the opportunity to feel a real sense of panther pride right before the annual Homecoming dance,” says Senior Class President Drew Hobart.

This year’s homecoming dance is precluded by an exciting week of SPOOKY themed occasions. Spirit Week starts off with the Ghoulish Groutfit Day on Monday, October 16th, where students are encouraged to wear their ghoulish grey groutfits coinciding with the dread of Mondays.

On a better note, Tuesday is a day especially important for the senior class, as it is Tie-DIE Tuesday. Fitting into the senior class’s signature color of Tie-dye, Tuesday is for sure to get the senior class into the homecoming spirit.

Continuing the spookiness, Wednesday will allow students to exert their wickedness with Wicked White Wardrobe Day. Contradicting the gloominess of Monday’s Ghoulish Groutfit Day, Wednesday brings the spookiness to new heights as the halls become riddled with ghost-like entities.

Thursday brings a unique twist to Spirit Week with Vampire Valet for a Day. On Thursday, it is encouraged to dress-up the senior class in themes and costumes, so long as you make a monetary contribution that goes toward charity.

In previous years the school has seen farmers, T.V. and movie-themed costumes such as the Mystery Gang from Scooby Doo, and many more exciting emulations. This year as you roamed the halls, you may have seen the swim team’s clowns and the field hockey’s infants. Thursday is really a special day for Spirit Week because creativity and uniqueness reach new heights.

To finish off Spirit Week, Friday brings us Spooky SPIRIT Day. To support the football team’s game that Friday night and to get the school into the USC spirit, everyone is encouraged to wear their USC gear.

“Student council tries to make the themes as best as possible while keeping in mind that they should be themes most people would be able to participate in” explains Drew Hobart. It is evident that student council has put a lot of hard work into making this year’s Spirit Week a good one.

Brady Warmbein summarizes Spirit Week well, “In past years, I thought that Spirit Week was pretty pointless. This year, however, my opinion on the matter has changed. Student Council has done an excellent job planning the Spirit Week days, and these are the days that I actually would love to participate in! I find it funny how each day corresponds with the Homecoming theme (Haunted Homecoming). I commend them for their superior work, and I hope that this spirit week runs smoothly!”

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