Renovations Coming Soon

Ethan Bowman, Staff Writer

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Starting the second semester of this school year, the Upper St. Clair will be getting a renovation. The renovation will be in 3 main places in Upper St. Clair; the high school stadium, the high school pool, and the field at Boyce.

The stadium will get getting a multi-use complex at the top of the home side bleachers. This complex will include district administrative offices and space for district and community use. At the bottom of the stands will be new restrooms, a ticket booth, and concession stands. Lastly, the bleachers will be renovated and repaired. The creation of the new administrative offices will take away a few of the parking spaces, but more will be created with the pool renovation.

The next part the renovation effect is the high school pool, which will be replaced and moved from its current location. The current pool was built in the 70’s and has not been changed in previous renovations of the high school. The new pool will be near where the current athletic entrance is. It is still being decided if a second pool should be created for diving.

The last place affected by the renovation is the Boyce field. When Boyce got its renovation in 2011, the field was never completed. Power and water line were buried underground at the field, but have never been used. The new renovation would be building a single structure to house concession stands, changing rooms, bathrooms, as well as an announcing booth.

When all of these projects are completed the parking lot of the high school will be repaved and enlarged to include more spaces where the current athletic entrance is. To make way for this the aging pedestrian bridge will be removed.

None of the renovations should affect the students and most of it will not be started until summer break. The stadium renovations could potentially affect graduation, moving the parents from the home side to the visitor’s side.

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Renovations Coming Soon