Girls Golf Aims High

Maddy Huzjak, Staff Writer

The USC girls golf team might not be the first team you think of when you are talking about fall sports. Between football, soccer, and volleyball, the golf team tends to fly under the radar. Though they may not be the most well-known organization in the school, they are definitely one of the most hardworking and close-knit groups of student-athletes.

Sara Steve, a sophomore, also says that her favorite thing about golf is that she is able to, “play the sport she loves with all of her best friends.” Playing with friends and having a sense of unity within the golf team helps them with their confidence and team moral.

Gabi Spina, a rookie said, “My scores are a bit of everywhere so if I score badly, everyone is super cool about it and supportive.” During her first year as a varsity golfer, Gabi has had many ups and downs as she is learning the sport, but the returning varsity players were extremely encouraging and more than willing to help Gabi develop into an experienced golfer.

Sophomore, Mary Groninger describes how the golf team is, “a small group of girls who support each other through everything.”

The way that the golf team is small and consistently supportive of each other is a key factor in their recent success. After a decent 2016-17 season last fall, each individual member of the golf team worked extremely hard over the summer to improve to a section title this year.

Sophomore, Sara Steve describes how “the team’s scoring averages have decreased by 10 strokes” because of the team’s diligence.

Due to their section championship win, the team has attained some unusual attention this fall. “Girls’ sports usually don’t get much recognition, but we work hard and we make it happen.” Said sophomore, Lauren Lieberman.

From being frequently mentioned on the district and student section twitter to recognition from word of mouth throughout the school, you have definitely heard more about girls golf this year than in previous years.