Freshman Get Involved

Nick Altland, Staff Writer

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High school and particularly freshman year can be very stressful, but with involvement in clubs and afterschool activities, it can become very enjoyable. Here at Upper St. Clair’s freshmen rush you can choose from 65 different clubs and activities. It’s a time to sign up and get involved.

Ski club is one of the most popular clubs in the school bringing in over 100 members to the club outings. We spoke to Nico Polino. He is on the leadership team for ski club and runs the social media account. He said,” Ski club is the greatest club ever invented. We go to Seven Springs about five weeks in a row in the winter as soon as it starts snowing. You can go there with your friends [and] snowboard, ski.”

Next, we spoke to freshmen Kasey Turner and Owen Mann about the clubs they signed up for. They said, “I signed up for bowling club and ski club.” I also asked what they are looking forward to most. Owen Mann said, “I would say meeting new people. That’s always great.”

We also spoke to Ethan Hanson about his goals as a freshman in clubs this year. He said, “Honestly, to probably make friends and have a good time.”

Next, we spoke to Michael Gallagher a leader of the bowling club. He said, “Bowling club is a club where a group of Upper St. Clair students goes to AMF Lanes one Friday each month. We go and typically bowl 3 games. It’s a lot of fun. We get to see people improve. And we get to go to Primantis after.”

Finally, we spoke to activities leader Mrs. Tarcson. She explained the importance of clubs and activities to freshman. She said, “I would encourage freshman to join a club because being in high school you have a lot of pressure and anxiety from all of your classes. Clubs can give you chances to make new friends, to get involved in your high school, and to get a little release after school”

Finally, if you did not find a club you like, you can always create one. All you have to do is contact the activities office for details. Even though Freshmen rush is over, you can always contact the activities office with any questions you still have. High school can be challenging, but if you find ways to be involved you might make some great friends.


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