Students and faculty put talents to work in support of Casey’s Clubhouse

Abby Elias, Staff Writer

Casey’s Clubhouse, the charitable foundation through which the Miracle League of the South Hills is primarily funded, has been keeping busy recently with its many fundraising events. But one that is perhaps geared the most to students of Upper St Clair High School is a faculty and students talent show on Friday, April 17.

Both students and faculty members will have the opportunity to perform for their peers and coworkers on the high school stage. Natural Helpers will sponsor the event and ticket prices are $10; all proceeds go to Casey’s Clubhouse.

Natural Helper, Pat Demarco, talked about the event: “Anyone can participate in this talent show, and it is primarily to help Casey’s Clubhouse.” Demarco, a senior, also added, “All the money and proceeds (made from tickets) are going to Casey’s Clubhouse.”

What makes this event unique is that it is one of the few opportunities for both students and teachers to showcase their talents and abilities together on one stage. Whether people come to see their best friend’s band perform or watch their teachers embarrass themselves, it will all be for a good cause.

Aides, custodians, even security guards, have the opportunity to perform. Sgt. Connors will be directing and performing in a dance to the song “Calendar Girl,” along with twenty-four female faculty members. Sgt. Connors got the idea from performing skits and plays at Slippery Rock Campground, one of which included twelve women dancing to the song.

For the student and faculty talent show, however, Sgt. Connors decided to take it one step beyond. “Instead of twelve ladies for the calendar girl we went with twenty-four, two for each month.”

The “Calendar Girl” dancers have had two rehearsals so far and will meet again after spring break, which will be a final dress rehearsal.

Sgt. Connors said the faculty talent show is where “I feel [the faculty and students] can get the most involved.” He also talked about how the talent show is not only an opportunity to contribute to a good cause, but also a fun get-together for teachers and students. “Everybody in it’s having a blast and can’t wait to put on the show ‘cause it’s for a good cause of Casey’s Clubhouse.”

There is still room for more acts if any student or faculty teacher would like to get involved.

“Right now we have about twelve groups participating, but we could always use more,” says Demarco.

For those who do not wish to participate but to attend, the show will be on Friday, April 17, at 7:00 p.m. at the high school auditorium. Ticket cost is $10. It definitely won’t be an event to miss because, as Sgt. Connors puts it, “ It’s gonna be a good time.”