An Open Letter to Freshmen

Anonymous, Staff Writer

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Dear Incoming Freshmen,


Being a freshman in High School can be hard, but everyone goes through it, so don’t think you’re alone. Throughout my freshmen year, I know I struggled with my grades, friends, and activities, but I got through it with ease, once I got over the fear of entering a new school.

There is no need to stress about how well you will do in each class, I know I struggled with that personally, and if you’re worried about having friends when coming up to the new school, try talking people in your electives or other classes. It really helped me to reach out, and remember, you don’t have to be best friends with them, but being friendly helps. Friends change so much in the high school. I always thought I would be best friends with everyone from middle school, but everything changes once you reach the High School. When it comes to grades, make sure you study, even if you don’t want to. I know I found it hard to study, but once I started asking my friends and teachers for help, everything fell into place, and I was very thankful for how everything turned out. Really, you can go from a low C to a high B in any class just by reviewing your class notes. I know you’ve probably heard that all your life, but it will really help you in the end.  Along with teachers and friends helping you, there are some great resources in the school that you should definitely learn to utilize if you can. In the library there is the resource center, where other teachers can help you with homework and upcoming tests. Sometimes, there may even be some students there to help tutor or help you in their free time too. I also highly recommend getting involved with as many after school and in school activities as you can. You don’t have to sign up or join something because your friends are. Clubs and sports are a great way to get involved in the school and a great way to make friends, plus, they’re a great way to start building your resume! Work hard, and it will always be worth it.


A Current Sophomore

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An Open Letter to Freshmen