“Make America Great Again!”: A Defense of Mr. Trump

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump flashes the thumbs-up as he arrives on stage for the start of the prime time Republican presidential debate on August 6, 2015 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. AFP PHOTO/MANDEL NGAN        (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

AFP/Getty Images

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump flashes the thumbs-up as he arrives on stage for the start of the prime time Republican presidential debate on August 6, 2015 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. AFP PHOTO/MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Tyler Clark, Staff Writer

Donald Trump is unlikeable. While writing this article I chose that statement to spearhead the piece because it is almost entirely unarguable. Now, to clarify, I myself happen to support the political views of Mr. Trump as well as most of the platforms he has presented on the campaign trail. But it is in my opinion that in order to be an informed voter we must be able to separate the subjective attitudes of politicians and their objective goals for office.

That is why it’s still surprising to some that the billionaire real estate and business mogul has managed to command the Republican Primary, despite an underwhelming 30% favorability rating according to a national polling on The Huffington Post. This is largely due to the surplus amount of negative press he receives from traditionally liberal and progressive news outlets; the large amounts of free press exposes him to the establishment voters but empowers him with the undecided and under informed voters that comprise the political majority. And in so doing, regardless of his likeability, the press have intrigued voters and opened the electorate to Trump’s real platforms, which are some of the best any candidate has to offer in 2016 no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.

There is little doubt that Trump is tough and has conviction in what he says. This confidence and passion could seem arrogant at times, but he doesn’t lack the backbone to verbalize his beliefs; Trump views political correctness as a weakness, something that causes an inability to progress presidential goals because of a disallowed or improper vernacular. Is it important to vote for a candidate who can represent the United States as a globally aware and respectful foreign dignitary? Of course. But is it right to sacrifice the interests of Americans to save face in the public eye? Absolutely not.

Trump will put America first. Contrary to popularized media statements, Trump has actually been the most vocally opposed candidate to military adventurism, even going as far as to self-alienate himself from the Republican establishment; he has frequently stated that American blood was uselessly shed in a misguided attempt to reshape the Middle East in the Iraq War. Rather than starting WWIII, Trump’s foreign policy would be one of a desired peace neutrality, putting the interests of the American democratic republic and the people who reside here ahead of the interests of foreign nations. Trump doesn’t stand behind the racially indignant of the country by proposing a halt on Muslim immigration and a Mexican border wall. Instead, he is looking at the dangers of ISIS’s expansion in to Westernized Europe and the illegal Mexican immigrants who don’t pay citizen, land, or income taxes to the federal government, hurting the economic standing of the country.

That’s where his common phrase “I’ll look into it” is misconstrued on a national scale. It is not a common political attempt to avoid probed questioning but rather a genuine concern for the effects each presidential commitment could have on the American people. Like it nor not, Trump is the only candidate that has provided a physical and viable approach to the biggest problem facing America today, immigration. The Trump Wall may be a thing of fantasy, but his hardline stance on border security will surely open the negotiating table to a more moderate immigration law that strengthens the system of legal immigration to our country.

Negotiation is in his blood. You don’t become and remain a billionaire without intuition, tact, and diplomacy. His business acumen gains him respect around the bargaining table. The owning of a multinational, multi-billion dollar corporation gives him the experience necessary to fix some of the important issues facing the American economy, such as the trade deficit with Mexico and the wealth gap caused by the diminished middle class. Trump looks to revive the tax reduction policies similar to those championed by “Reagonomics” in the late 70’s; he wants to repeal the estate tax, lower the tax on capital gains and dividends and lower corporate tax to spur job growth and rebuild the American middle class. Donald Trump wants to bring the United States back in the era of small businesses where entrepreneurship was encouraged and more than just the largest corporations could survive the fluctuation of our economy.

Trump owes nothing to anyone. Donald Trump is a political outsider whose running for presidency represents the essence of the American dream outlined by the constitution; a common man running for the most powerful office in the world, sparring his way through the Republican primary to reach the general election. Trump has plenty more wealth than a common man, but has about as much political experience as one. He has self-funded his own campaign and has accepted no offer from PAC’s for funding out of the fear that if he was elected, he could not deliver on his commitments to the American people because of his commitments to political corporations. The other candidates will beg, borrow, and steal to fund their campaigns which means they will have a lot of dogs to feed if they’re elected. Trump is a no strings attached candidate whose days in office won’t be filled with the fulfillment of donor promises.

Trump believes America is an exceptional country. He thinks America is a country where any man or woman can make something out of nothing. . Trump promises to secure the borders, raise educational standards, protect American interests, and lower taxes to encourage economic growth. The media totes Donald Trump as a racist, a political tyrant, and an anti-establishment radical. ‘Make American Great Again’ means more to him than just a catchy slogan; Donald J Trump is running for president to once again make America the greatest country on earth.