Homecoming 2020 Will Be Different

Kathleen Gianni, Staff Writer

With homecoming week just around the corner, students are looking forward to upcoming events despite unexpected changes per COVID-19 restrictions. Student council has been working overtime to ensure that, despite an out-of-the-ordinary school year, there are still homecoming events. A current student, Sydney Woomer, says, “Every year I look forward to homecoming, so with the dance canceled, I am glad we’re able to find new ways to celebrate.” 

To kick off the fun, on Sunday, October 11, the school will be holding the first-ever homecoming parade. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a fairytale-themed parade, where this year’s homecoming court will be announced. Student council advisor Mrs. Tarcson adds that “all USCHS sports and clubs are welcome to participate!” Following the parade, the second-annual powder puff game will take place. Juniors and seniors are invited to watch their participating classmates face-off in a flag football game. With a new theme every day, students can take part in spirit week both in-school and remotely by wearing their favorite pair of crazy socks on Monday and ending the week in their best prince/princess outfit. That Friday night is the homecoming football game against Moon. There, the homecoming king and queen will be crowned, and seniors are welcome to attend a game for the first time all season. Finally, to wrap up the festivities, StuCo planned a red carpet walk at the high school. The students have the opportunity to get dinner, take pictures, and dress up with friends as if it were a normal homecoming dance. However, rather than a traditional dance at USC, students will walk the happily-ever-after-themed red carpet all through the high school. The walkthrough has an outdoor section where family and friends are encouraged to come as well as an indoor portion for students and a guest of their choosing.

 Many schools are deciding to simply cancel homecoming this year, but USC went the extra mile and found ways to celebrate homecoming in a new, more fitting manner. This dedication is not surprising as the Upper St. Clair student council has been working hard since the very beginning. They just recently carried out a successful and socially distant freshmen rush and planned a special event for custodian appreciation day. With the rest of the school year ahead, students can anticipate some unconventional changes with the intent of making this year as eventful as possible. Junior student council president, RJ Shontz explains, “People can expect our student council to work our hardest in cooperation with our administration to make as many school events happen as we can. We will be creative and look for alternatives that are allowed due to COVID restrictions.”  With that being said, Upper St. Clair’s student council has gone above and beyond so far this year in planning homecoming and other fall activities, so get excited for what’s in store for the rest of this unpredictable year!