Fun at Field Day!


Julia Roeschenthaler, Staff Writer

On October 11th, the entire freshman student body participated in the annual Freshman Field Day. The Junior Mentors, the Senior Leadership Team, formally known as the “Super Mentors,” and a number of staff members organized and participated in the event. Games such as relay races and Tug of War were major components of Field Day, and every homeroom dressed up in a different theme. Some of the more notable themes included “Coffman’s Cafe,” “Robbibaro’s Rubber Ducks,” “Shuey’s Buoys,” and “Gouker’s Green Beans.”

Most of the students agreed that Freshman Field Day was an extremely positive experience. One student stated: “The Tug of War was a lot of fun, the thing when you spun around on the bat was fun, I did a relay, it was a good time.” This freshman also shared his excitement regarding his ability to miss school as a result of Field Day, and his pleasure in Friday being a half day as well. 

Another freshman, Grace Kelly, enjoyed Field Day for different reasons. When asked what her favorite part of Field Day was, she declared that it was “hanging out with the class.” When asked why this was her favorite part of Field Day, she responded: “There are different people in your class. Last year I wasn’t with any of those people.” She was not only able to enjoy the event’s activities, but was also able to become better acquainted with students in her homeroom. 

A member of the Senior Leadership Team voiced her pleasure with the results of Field Day: “I honestly think that it was a really successful year. We had a lot of good energy and enthusiasm from our Junior Mentors and also from the freshman this year. I am really proud; it was definitely a big success.” While the organization of Freshman Field Day may have been tricky at times, the end product was evidently appreciated by both students and staff members. In fact, when questioned as to whether the Senior Leadership Team would do anything differently for next year, the response was simply: “It was pretty well planned overall. I can’t really think of anything that we would do differently.” The organizational aspects of the event were clearly executed in a manner that allowed for a very smooth and redeeming Field Day experience. 

The results of Freshman Field Day were released the week following Field Day, with Erwin’s Erwinners as the homeroom with the most spirit and Marks’ Prisoners as the winners overall. Hundreds of pictures, videos, and live streams decorated social media during and after the event, and a number of students are still discussing the events that transpired on October 11th. A number of upperclassmen, including members of the Senior Leadership Team, emphasized the idea that Freshman Field Day was a significant and memorable aspect of their high school experience. This year, Freshman Field Day was truly a success all around, thanks to the commitment of staff members, the Senior Leadership Team, the Junior Mentors, and of course, the freshmen.