Students enjoy annual health fair

Abby Zadrozny

Abby Elias, Staff Writer

On Friday, April 24, Dr. Syme’s Honors Anatomy and Physiology students hosted the annual Health Fair. The health fair took place in the LGI and lasted the entirety of the school day.

The students worked in partnerships to create booths focused on a different disease or health topic that usually featured an activity of some sort. The freshman biology students were to report to the LGI for class and take notes on what they learned while at the Health Fair.

High School science teacher, Dr.Syme, explained, “[The health fair] is for the benefit of the freshman biology students, to really teach them good decision making and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

The students went above and beyond to make their booths stand out amongst the others.

“People contacted local businesses and community members,” says Dr. Syme. “We managed to get dental products and free samples and so forth.”

The activities and/or free samples featured at the booths were as diverse and varied as the topics of the booths themselves.

“We had people that had Rita’s Italian Ice,” Dr. Syme explains. “People managed to get Chipotle to donate so we had a line at that booth.”

Though many booths were very well done and attracted many freshmen, some highlights include senior Madhu Mahesh, whose focus was on First Aid. Her booth was beach-themed and she even dressed as a lifeguard. She managed to bring a mannequin on which freshman could practice CPR.

Madhu explains, “We’re teaching people how to do CPR with the mannequins that we have.”

Another highlight was the partnership of Taylor Smith and Laura Hammel. The two had a booth focused on skin care. The booth had a list of tips for good skin care and the two kindly shared some of their tips: “Don’t smoke; treat your skin gently; eat healthy; and manage your stress,”

Taylor ended the presentation with a short and simple message that effectively summarized her booth, “Take care of your skin, guys.”

Both upperclassmen and freshman agreed the Health Fair was a job well done. Dr. Syme who was exceptionally pleased with the day states, ” The kids did a really great job.”